Very rare COMPLICATIONS and SIDE EFFECTS of anesthesia services

COMPLICATIONS and SIDE EFFECTS Very rare (1/10,000 – 1/200,000) DAMAGE TO THE EYES: Anaesthetists take great care to protect your eyes. Your eyelids are held closed with adhesive tape, which is removed before you wake up. However, sterilizing fluids could leak past the tapes or you could brush your eyes as you wake up after the ... Read More

Uncommon complication and side effects of anesthesia

COMPLICATIONS and SIDE EFFECTS  Uncommon (1/1,000) CHEST INFECTION: A chest infection is more likely to happen to people who smoke, and may lead to breathing difficulties. This is why it is very important to give up smoking for as long as possible before your anaesthetic. BLADDER PROBLEMS: After certain types of operation and regional anaesthesia ... Read More

anesthetic medicines risks

Risks from reactions to anesthetic medicines Some anesthetic medicines may cause allergic or other abnormal reactions in some people, but these are rare. If you suspect you may have such a problem, you should tell both your surgeon and anesthesia specialist well before your surgery. Testing will then be arranged as needed. A rare, potentially ... Read More

Complications from local and regional anesthesia

Complications from local anesthesia When used properly, local anesthetics are safe and have few major side effects. But in high doses, local anesthetics can have toxic effects caused by being absorbed through the bloodstream into the rest of the body (systemic toxicity). This may significantly affect your breathing, heartbeat, blood pressure, and other body functions. ... Read More