Monitored anesthesia care

MONITORED ANESTHESIA CARE Monitored anesthesia care involves the intra-operative monitoring of the member’s physiological signs in anticipation of the need for administration of general anesthesia or the development of adverse reactions to the procedure. It must be performed at the request of the attending physician, made known to the member, and performed according to the ... Read More

Emergeny anesthesia payment

EMERGENCY ANESTHESIA Additional payment is allowed to anesthesiologists and non-medically directed certified registered nurse anesthetists for providing anesthesia for surgery on an emergency basis. The ASA recommended payment policy of two additional base units is followed. CPT code 99140 must be billed one unit in order to receive payment for this service.


MATERNITY-RELATED ANESTHESIA The CPT codes listed below are for reporting maternity-related anesthesia services. WV Medicaid limits payment for maternity anesthesia to eight “Time Units”. (A maximum of two hours) Base units may not be billed separately. • 01960 – Anesthesia for vaginal delivery only • 01961 – Anesthesia for cesarean delivery only • 01967 – ... Read More


OTHER ANESTHESIA SERVICES Anesthesiologists and non-medically directed CRNAs (within the scope of their license) may bill for the following additional services: Swan-Ganz placement or any other central venous pressure line, critical care visits, emergency intubations, spinal puncture, and blood patch. Payment for these specific services is based on the RBRVS payment system. Time units are ... Read More

Medicaid anesthesia coverage services

COVERAGE POLICIES – WV Medicaid WV Medicaid applies the following policies for coverage and reimbursement of anesthesia services: • Payment for multiple anesthesia procedures is based on the procedure with the highest base unit value and the actual anesthesia time of the multiple procedures. Only one zero code may be billed (the highest value). Exception: ... Read More

Covered anesthesia services – WV medicaid

West Virgina Medicaid Anesthesia services covered by WV Medicaid include general, regional, and labor epidural. These services are primarily reimbursed using the American Society of Anesthesiologist’s (ASA) “0” CPT codes. Supportive services rendered in order to afford the member the necessary anesthesia care are also covered. Anesthesiologists and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) are the ... Read More

NCD for Anesthesia in Cardiac Pacemaker Surgery

 Benefit Category Inpatient Hospital Services Outpatient Hospital Services Incident to a Physician’s Service Physicians’ Services Note: This may not be an exhaustive list of all applicable Medicare benefit categories for this item or service. Indications and Limitations of Coverage The use of general or monitored anesthesia during transvenous cardiac pacemaker surgery may be reasonable and ... Read More

Anesthesia Services Billing Instructions – How to fill the claim form

Policy The following provider types can bill for anesthesia services: �� Physician, M.D., Osteopath (provider type 20) �� Certified RN Practitioner (provider type 24) �� Nurse Anesthetists (provider type 72)  This policy covers base units, reportable anesthesia time and appropriate billing.  Covered Services and Rates Covered services and rates are listed on the Division of ... Read More

Billing anesthesia claims – BCBS – Paper, Electronic

Following Anesthesia Billing Guidelines Helps Expedite Claim Payments – Anthem BCBS Anthem strives hard to process and pay all claims in a timely manner. Therefore, we want to provide you with some important billing guidelines you should follow that can help us expedite the payment of your claims for anesthesia. Paper Submissions Providers who submit ... Read More

what is Monitored anesthesia care and limitation

MONITORED ANESTHESIA CARE (MAC) Description To view the entire Local Coverage Determination (LCD) for Monitored Anesthesia Care (MAC), please refer to the Web page: With advances in modern medical technology, there has been a shift in supplying some surgical and diagnostic services to an ambulatory, outpatient or office setting. Accompanying this, there has been ... Read More