Additional Anesthesia Modifiers 22, 23, 53

The following modifiers should be used as secondary or tertiary modifiers only and not as the primary modifier. These modifiers are intended to provide additional information specific to the services provided; there will be no additional reimbursement made for these modifiers. Modifier Description 22 Increased Procedural Service — Per CPT Appendix A modifiers: When the ... Read More

Anesthesia Modifiers – Primary and Secondary, Tertiary

Modifiers are two-digit indicators that are used with a procedure code to add specific meaning to a service provided. Every anesthesia administrative code billed to Florida Blue must include a modifier. More than one modifier can be submitted per detail line; however, the Florida Blue claims system will adjudicate the claim based only on the ... Read More

Anesthesia Services overview – For beginner – Type of Anesthesia

Services are provided by a qualified anesthesia provider to a surgical patient while in a state of analgesia or anesthesia so that surgical intervention can be undertaken. Anesthesia services consist of the administration of an anesthetic agent, typically by injection or inhalation, causing partial or complete loss of sensation, with or without loss of consciousness. ... Read More

What is Qualifying Circumstances ?

Qualifying circumstances are those factors such as extreme age, extraordinary condition of the patient, and unusual risk factors which may affect the anesthesia services. These procedures are considered add-on codes and would not be reported alone, but as additional procedures qualifying an anesthesia procedure or service. These procedures must be filed with the appropriate modifier. ... Read More

modifier AA. AD, QK, QK , QZ How much payment would be reimbursed

Modifier Description % of Allowed Charge AA Anesthesia services performed personally by the anesthesiologist 100 percentAD Medical supervision by a physician; more than four concurrent anesthesia procedures. (Three base units + actual time units allowed) 65 percentQK Medical direction of two, three, or four concurrent anesthesia procedures involving qualified individuals). 65 percentQY Medical direction of ... Read More