How to prepare for anesthesia

Preparing for Anesthesia Being well-prepared for anesthesia may help you remain calm and relaxed. If you take the time to learn about your procedure and the anesthesia, you will be better able to understand the information and instructions you are given. Knowing what to expect can help decrease tension and anxiety. Usually, your surgeon’s office, ... Read More

Anesthesia types

Types of Anesthesia Anesthesia involves the use of medicines to block pain sensations (analgesia) during surgery and other medical procedures. Anesthesia also reduces many of your body’s normal stress reactions to surgery. The type of anesthesia used for your surgery depends on: Your medical history, including other surgeries you have had and any conditions you ... Read More

Anesthesia method – How to given into patient

Anesthesia methods There are several ways that anesthesia can be given. Local anesthesia involves injection of a local anesthetic (numbing agent) directly into the surgical area to block pain sensations. It is used only for minor procedures on a limited part of the body. You may remain awake, though you will likely receive medicine to ... Read More

Regionaly anesthesia and its major type

Regional anesthesia Regional anesthesia is the use of local anesthetics to block sensations of pain from a large area of the body, such as an arm or leg or the abdomen. Regional anesthesia allows a procedure to be performed on a region of the body without your being unconscious. Major types of regional anesthesia include: ... Read More