Monitored anesthesia care

MONITORED ANESTHESIA CARE Monitored anesthesia care involves the intra-operative monitoring of the member’s physiological signs in anticipation of the need for administration of general anesthesia or the development of adverse reactions to the procedure. It must be performed at the request of the attending physician, made known to the member, and performed according to the ... Read More

MAC and medical necessary documents with modifier using

Appropriate documentation must be available to reflect pre- and post-anesthetic evaluations and intra-operative monitoring. The MAC service rendered must be reasonable, appropriate and medically necessary.  The anesthesia procedures listed in the LCD are examples of those that are usually provided by the attending surgeon and are included in the global fee and are not ... Read More

what is Monitored anesthesia care and limitation

MONITORED ANESTHESIA CARE (MAC) Description To view the entire Local Coverage Determination (LCD) for Monitored Anesthesia Care (MAC), please refer to the Web page: With advances in modern medical technology, there has been a shift in supplying some surgical and diagnostic services to an ambulatory, outpatient or office setting. Accompanying this, there has been ... Read More