what is anesthesia consultation

Consultations A consultation for anesthesia performed on the day of or days before a procedure is considered part of the global procedure and is not a separately reimbursable item. There are two exceptions to the above as outlined below. − A recipient with chronic intractable pain receives a consult from an anesthesiologist for the chronic ... Read More

Medical and Surgical Services Rendered in Addition to Anesthesia Procedures

ANESTHESIA SERVICES Medical and Surgical Services Rendered in Addition to Anesthesia Procedures Payment may be made under the fee schedule for specific medical and surgical services by the anesthesiologist as long as these services are reasonable and medically necessary or provided other rebundling provisions do not preclude separate payment. These services may be rendered in ... Read More

Medical direction anesthesia – personally performed

Medical Direction & Temporary Relief CRNAs/AAs providing anesthesia services under the medical direction of an anesthesiologist must have uninterrupted immediate availability of an anesthesiologist at all times. When a medically directing anesthesiologist provides temporary relief to another anesthesia provider, the need for uninterrupted immediate availability may be met by any of the following strategies: • ... Read More

How to bill anesthesia

Medi-Cal has not adopted the “qualifying circumstances” codes (99100 – 99140).  Claims submitted with these codes will be denied or returned to the provider for correction. Billing Anesthesia Services Anesthesia services (CPT-4 codes 00100 – 01999) are reimbursed when medically necessary.  To bill for anesthesia services, use the five-digit CPT-4 code applicable to the procedure ... Read More

CPT Modifiers for Clinical Laboratory Services.

Add the appropriate Level 1 or Level II CPT modifier to the five digit code or identify the modifier by use of a separate code by adding 099 before the 2 digit number e.g. 09950, 09951. Level 1 Modifier                                                     Description -59 Distinct Procedural Service                               The modifier –59 is appropriate to report multiple service submissions for ... Read More

Special Coding Situations for Anesthesia billing

1.Multiple Procedures. When multiple surgical procedures are performed during a single anesthetic administration, report only the anesthesia procedure with the highest unit value. The time reported should be the combined total for all procedures performed. 2. Anesthesia Modifiers. Physical status and common CPT modifiers used in conjunction with anesthesia codes can be found in 114.3 ... Read More

how BCBS calculate payment for Aneshthesia billing?

Anesthesia Payment & Billing Information – BCBS Payment Calculation Information Time Units  : Time units will be determined by using the total time in minutes actually spent performing the procedure. Fifteen minutes is equivalent to one (1) time unit. Time units will be rounded to the tenth. Therefore, if the procedure lasted 49 minutes, the ... Read More

Standard Anesthesia Coding

1. Principles of Medicare coding for anesthesia services involving administration of anesthesia are reported by the use of the anesthesia five-digit CPT procedure codes (00100-01860). These codes specify “Anesthesia for” followed by a general area of surgical intervention. Subsequent CPT codes (01905-01933) are unique to anesthesia for interventional radiology. SeveralCPT codes (01990-01999) describe miscellaneous anesthesia ... Read More