Modifier for Medicaly Directed / Suervised Anesthesia services

Medically Directed / Supervised MODIFIER MODIFIER NARRATIVE PROVIDER TYPE ADDITIONAL MEDICARE INFORMATION AD  Medical Supervision by a physician, more than four (4) concurrent anesthesia procedures Anesthesiologist Allow three (3) base units, and one (1) additional base unit when it is demonstrated that the physician was present at the induction QK Medical direction of two, three, ... Read More

Some basic question on Anesthesia billing ?

Payment The allowed amount is determined based on the anesthesia procedure that has the highest base unit value. Base Units Do not submit base units on the claim, they will be included in the calculation of the allowed amount. Anesthesia Time ** Submit the exact number of minutes from the preparation of the patient for ... Read More

Medicare reimbursement formula for different type of Anesthesia

GENERAL ANESTHESIA Code Set Medicare uses anesthesia codes and base values adopted from the list values established by the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA). General Information Anesthesia administration includes the following services: ** Preoperative and postoperative visits ** Anesthesia care during the procedure ** Administration of fluids and blood ** Usual monitoring (e.g., ECG, temperature, ... Read More

What is Medically Directed and Monitored Aneshtesia care ?

Medically Directed Concurrency is defined with regard to the maximum number of procedures that the physician is medically directing within the context of a single procedure and whether these other procedures overlap each other. Medical direction occurs if the physician medically directs qualified individuals in two, three, or four concurrent cases, and the physician performs ... Read More