Billing Guide for Anesthesiology assitand and Anesthesia time

Anesthesiology Assistants Anesthesiology Assistants are eligible for the same level of reimbursements as a CRNA who is providing anesthesia under the direction of a physician. Unlike the CRNA who can perform alone in some states  an AA must always perform their service under the direction of a physician. (See definition of Medical Direction in General ... Read More

Post operative management of anthesia billing

Post-Operative Pain Management and Epidural Catheters Surgeons routinely provide necessary post-operative pain management services and are reimbursed for these services through the global surgery fee. The surgeon should manage post-operative pain except under extraordinary circumstances. Procedures involving major intra-abdominal, vascular and orthopedic, and intrathoracic procedures will be covered for post-operative pain management by an anesthesiologist ... Read More

Anesthesia Blood Gas Monitoring and Pre-Anesthetic Exams/Cancelled Surgery

Blood Gas Monitoring Blood gas monitoring performed as part of an anesthesiologist’s service is considered to be an integral part of the anesthesia service and is not reimbursed separately. Bundled Services 99100© Special anesthesia service 99116© Anesthesia with hypothermia 99135© Special anesthesia procedure 99140© Emergency anesthesia Separate payment will not be allowed for these services; ... Read More