Risk and complication of anesthesia

Anesthesia – Risks and Complications Although all types of anesthesia involve some risk, major side effects and complications from anesthesia are uncommon. Your specific risks depend on your health, the type of anesthesia used, and your response to anesthesia. Personal risk factors Your age may be a risk factor. In general, the risks associated with ... Read More

Anesthesia specialists, anesthesiologist and Anesthetist definition

Anesthesia specialists Anesthesia specialists are responsible for making informed medical decisions to provide comfort and maintain vital life functions while you are receiving anesthesia and in recovery.Anesthesia specialists include anesthesiologists and qualified nurse or dental anesthetists. Anesthesiologist Anesthesiologists are medical doctors who, after obtaining their medical degree and completing their internship, complete an additional 3 ... Read More


Medical direction may apply to a single anesthesia service furnished by a CRNA or up to four concurrent anesthesia services. A physician who is directing the administration of anesthesia to four surgical members is not expected to be involved routinely in furnishing any additional services to other members. Addressing an emergency of short duration in ... Read More

PCA – Patient Controlled Analgesia

Patient Controlled Analgesia Patient controlled analgesia (PCA) services are reimbursable when they are administered by an anesthesiologist and are performed for the control of postoperative pain. A separately identifiable physician-recipient encounter should be reflected in the medical record documentation. PCA pumps are usually administered through an intravenous (IV) line or the PCA pump is connected ... Read More