Dental Anesthesia services

Dental – General Payment Policies All dental procedures are considered to be outpatient procedures. These procedures are not compensable on an inpatient basis unless there is medical justification which is documented in the patient’s medical record. Provider types 27 – Dentist and 31 – Physician are the only provider types eligible to receive payment for ... Read More

Procedure code D9230, D9220 – DENTAL ANESTHESIA/SEDATION

EPSDT DENTAL PROGRAM Dental Hospital Calls and Sedation Policy Revisions D9230 NITROUS OXIDE – analgesia, anxiolysis, inhalation of nitrous oxide Current Policy: Nitrous oxide inhalation analgesia is only payable to providers whopossess a personal permit for its administration from the Louisiana State Board of Dentistry and administer it in a State Board approved facility. Nitrous ... Read More