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CPT 00126 | Anesthesia For Tympanotomy Procedures On External, Middle & Inner Ear

CPT code 00126 can be reported when an anesthesia provider performs an anesthesia service on a patient during a tympanotomy procedure on the middle, external or inner ear.


The official description of the 00126 CPT code is: “Anesthesia for procedures on external, middle, and inner ear including biopsy; tympanotomy.”

The American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) assigned four base units to CPT 00126.


An anesthesia provider performs a pre-operative evaluation of the patient. Then, the anesthesia provider induces the patient and monitors the patient during a procedure on the external, middle, and inner ear, including biopsy and tympanotomy, that a different provider performs.

The anesthesia provider notes any types and amounts of medications administered, all forms of monitoring used, patient responses, and the start and stop times of anesthesia care.

Following the tympanotomy procedure on the middle, external or inner ear, the anesthesia provider oversees the patient’s transfer to post-anesthesia care.

Historical Information

Change TypeChange DatePrevious Descriptor
Code Added01-01-1990

ICD-10-CM For CPT 00126

H65.20Chronic serous otitis media, unspecified ear
H65.21Chronic serous otitis media, right ear
H65.22Chronic serous otitis media, left ear
H65.23Chronic serous otitis media, bilateral
H65.90Unspecified nonsuppurative otitis media, unspecified ear
H65.91Unspecified nonsuppurative otitis media, right ear
H65.92Unspecified nonsuppurative otitis media, left ear
H65.93Unspecified nonsuppurative otitis media, bilateral
H66.90Otitis media, unspecified, unspecified ear
H66.91Otitis media, unspecified, right ear
H66.92Otitis media, unspecified, left ear
H66.93Otitis media, unspecified, bilateral
H95.53Postprocedural seroma of ear and mastoid process following a procedure on the ear and mastoid process
Z45.82Encounter for adjustment or removal of myringotomy device (stent) (tube)
Z45.89Encounter for adjustment and management of other implanted devices
Z46.89Encounter for fitting and adjustment of other specified devices

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