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CPT 00100 | Anesthesia For Procedures On Salivary Glands, Including Biopsy

CPT code 00100 can be reported when an anesthesia provider performs an anesthesia service during a procedure on the salivary glands. A biopsy is included.


The official description of the 00100 CPT code is: “Anesthesia for procedures on salivary glands, including biopsy.”

The American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) assigned five base units to CPT 00100.


An anesthesia provider performs a preoperative evaluation of the patient. Then, the anesthesia provider induces the patient and monitors the patient during the procedure on the salivary glands, including the biopsy that a different provider performs.

The anesthesia provider notes any types and amounts of medications administered, all forms of monitoring used, patient responses, and the start and stops times of anesthesia care.

Historical Information

Change TypeChange DatePrevious Descriptor
Code Added01-01-1990

ICD-10-CM For CPT 00100

C04.9Malignant neoplasm of floor of mouth, unspecified
C07Malignant neoplasm of parotid gland
C08.0Malignant neoplasm of submandibular gland
C08.1Malignant neoplasm of sublingual gland
C08.9Malignant neoplasm of major salivary gland, unspecified
C77.0Secondary and unspecified malignant neoplasm of lymph nodes of head, face and neck
C79.89Secondary malignant neoplasm of other specified sites
C79.9Secondary malignant neoplasm of unspecified site
D00.00Carcinoma in situ of oral cavity, unspecified site
D10.39Benign neoplasm of other parts of mouth
D11.0Benign neoplasm of parotid gland
D11.7Benign neoplasm of other major salivary glands
D11.9Benign neoplasm of major salivary gland, unspecified
D37.030Neoplasm of uncertain behavior of the parotid salivary glands
D37.031Neoplasm of uncertain behavior of the sublingual salivary glands
D37.032Neoplasm of uncertain behavior of the submandibular salivary glands
D37.039Neoplasm of uncertain behavior of the major salivary glands, unspecified
D37.04Neoplasm of uncertain behavior of the minor salivary glands
D86.89Sarcoidosis of other sites
E89.822Postprocedural seroma of an endocrine system organ or structure following an endocrine system procedure
E89.823Postprocedural seroma of an endocrine system organ or structure following other procedure
K11.1Hypertrophy of salivary gland
K11.20Sialoadenitis, unspecified
K11.21Acute sialoadenitis
K11.22Acute recurrent sialoadenitis
K11.23Chronic sialoadenitis
K11.3Abscess of salivary gland
K11.4Fistula of salivary gland
K11.6Mucocele of salivary gland
K11.7Disturbances of salivary secretion
K11.8Other diseases of salivary glands
K11.9Disease of salivary gland, unspecified
K12.2Cellulitis and abscess of mouth
M35.00Sjogren syndrome, unspecified
Q38.4Congenital malformations of salivary glands and ducts
R22.0Localized swelling, mass and lump, head
R68.2Dry mouth, unspecified

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