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Anesthesia Modifiers

Modifiers are two-digit indicators that are used with a procedure code to add specific meaning to a service provided. Every anesthesia administrative code billed to BCBSF must include a modifier. More than one modifier can be submitted per detail line; however, the BCBSF claims system will adjudicate the claim based only on the first modifier submitted.

Primary Anesthesia Modifiers
ModifierDescriptionModifier Allowance Adjustment
AAAnesthesia services performed personally by the anesthesiologist100%
ADModifier AD (medical direction of five or more concurrent anesthesia procedures by an anesthesiologist) is not recognized by BCBSF for reimbursement except for Medicare Advantage products.0%
QKMedical direction (by anesthesiologist) of two, three or four concurrent procedures by qualified personnel50%
QYMedical direction of one CRNA/AA by an anesthesiologist50%
QXCRNA/AA service with medical direction by an anesthesiologist50%
QZCRNA service without medical direction by an anesthesiologist100%

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