cpt code 00840 -Anesthesia for Intraperitoneal procedures

cpt code and Description

00840 Anesthesia for Intraperitoneal procedures in lower abdomen including laparoscopy

Billing Guide

 Base units – 6 (Additional time may be billed in 15 minute increments = 1 unit)

00126, 00170, 00840, 00851, or 01961, Certified Registered Nurses Anesthetist (CRNA) during tympanotomy, intraoral procedures, lower abdominal surgery, tubal ligation, or cesarean deliveries: When modifier QX is used on claims with procedure codes 00126, 00170, 00840, 00851, or 01961, the services will be reimbursed at 40% of the West Virginia state Medicaid physician fee schedule

Explanation of Updates

Section 292.440 has been revised to correct errors in billing instructions effective October 13, 2003. Information that is no longer applicable to this program has been deleted. This section of the manual has been reformatted for clarification and readability. Information has been added to notify providers that anesthesia procedure codes with a base of 4 or less are eligible to be billed with a second modifier, 22, referencing surgical field avoidance.

Information previously included in Section 292.440, part A has been moved to an added part of this section, part C. The information in part C has been revised to delete national CPT procedure code 00840 as an appropriate crosswalk for local code Z9940. Locally assigned procedure code Z9940 is the correct procedure code when billing anesthesia services for abdominal hysterectomy.

The description for Z9940 has been changed to “anesthesia for abdominal hysterectomy.” Information previously included in part B of section 292.440 has been moved to an added part of this section, part D. Information in part D has been revised to delete procedure code 00855 and add procedure codes 01962 and 01963 as replacement codes.

Section 292.447 includes minor changes to the example of a completed claim for clarification. Section 292.730 includes information regarding the billing of professional and technical components for covered laboratory and radiology services and use of new modifiers, TC for the technical component and 26 for the professional component.

Paper versions of this update transmittal have updated pages attached to file in your provider manual. See Section I for instructions on updating the paper version of the manual. For electronic versions, these changes have already been incorporated.

00840 Required to name each procedure done on females only, by surgeon in “Procedures, Services or Supplies” column.

ASA Codes Associated with CPT Codes That May Require Prior Authorization

00402 Anesthesia for reconstructive breast procedures (reduction, augmentation, muscle flaps)
00580 Anesthesia for heart transplant or heart-lung transplant
00796 Liver transplant (recipient)
00840 Anesthesia for intraperitoneal procedures in lower abdomen (hysterectomy and sterilization)
00846 Anesthesia for radical hysterectomy
00848 Anesthesia for pelvic exenteration

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