CPT code 01952, 01996

Anesthesia for Burns

CPT code 01952 is the primary code for billing Anesthesia for Second and Third Degree Burn Excision or Debridement With or Without Skin Grafting. The add-on CPT code 01953 is not considered an anesthesia management service and should not be reported with time. CPT code 01953 may be reported with units of service up to a maximum of 10. This procedure will be paid from the fee schedule rather than the anesthesia calculation with time and base units. CPT code 01952 and addon code 01953 must be filed with the appropriate modifier in the first position.

Nerve Blocks When introduction or injection of anesthetic agent is administered the anesthetic agent is included in the payment for the actual procedure and not separately billable.

Epidural Catheters Intractable Pain

For control of intractable pain that is resistant to conventional forms of therapy (i.e., physical therapy, TENS units, etc.) payment may be allowed for the placement of a catheter. In addition, CPT code 01996 (daily management) may be billed on a daily basis as long as an identifiable service is being rendered by the anesthesiologist, CRNA or AA and deemed medically necessary and within the scope of their license. CPT code 01996 is not allowed on the same day as placement of an epidural catheter.

Drug Administration – 01996

Procedure code 01996 is not allowed on the day of the operative procedure. Only one (1) unit of service (not base units) will be allowed each day, starting on the first day following the surgical procedure, up to a maximum of three (3) days.

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