Anesthesia Terms – Personally peformed, Medically supervised

Personally Performed

The physician personally performed all of the pre-operative, intra-operative, and postoperative anesthesia care.
Medicare states the anesthesiologist may bill for personally performed services when he or she:

** Personally performed the entire anesthesia service alone

** Are Involved with one anesthesia case with a resident, the physician is a teaching physician, and the services are performed on or after January 1, 1996

** Are involved in the training of physician residents in a single anesthesia care, two concurrent anesthesia cases involving residents or a single anesthesia case involving a resident that is concurrent to another case paid under the medical direction rules. The physician meets the teaching criteria in Section 100.14 and the service is furnished on or after January 1, 2010

** Are continuously involved in a single case involving a student nurse anesthetist.

Medically Supervised

Based on review of Medicare documents medically supervised care occurs when the anesthesiologist is involved in supervising more than four procedures concurrently or is performing other services for a significant period while directing concurrent procedures.

General Anesthesia
Loss of ability to perceive pain, associated with the loss of consciousness, produced by intravenous infusion of drugs or inhalation of anesthetic agents.

Conscious Sedation
A minimally depressed level of consciousness induced by the administration of pharmacologic agents in which a patient retains the ability to independently and continuously maintain an open airway and a regular breathing pattern, and to respond appropriately and rationally to physical stimulation and verbal commands. Conscious sedation may be induced by parenteral or oral medications or combination thereof.

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