Does medicaid will cover anesthesia administration?


Administration of anesthesia is a covered service when administered by or directed by a duly licensed physician for a medical procedure that is covered by Medicaid.

National Provider Identifier, Type, and Specialty

A provider who contracts with Alabama Medicaid as an anesthesiologist, CRNA, or AA provider is added to the Medicaid systems with the NPIs provided at the time application is made. Appropriate specialty codes are assigned to enable the provider to submit requests and receive reimbursements for anesthesia-related claims.


The 10-digit NPI is required when filing a claim.
Anesthesiologists are assigned a provider type of 31 (Physician). CRNAs and AAs are assigned a provider type of 09(Anesthesiology). Valid specialties for the above include the following:

• Anesthesiology (311)
• Anesthesiology Assistant (101)
• CRNA (094)

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