Anesthesia Blood Gas Monitoring and Pre-Anesthetic Exams/Cancelled Surgery

Blood Gas Monitoring

Blood gas monitoring performed as part of an anesthesiologist’s service is considered to be an integral part of the anesthesia service and is not reimbursed separately.

Bundled Services

99100© Special anesthesia service
99116© Anesthesia with hypothermia
99135© Special anesthesia procedure
99140© Emergency anesthesia
Separate payment will not be allowed for these services; payment will be bundled into the anesthesia allowance.

Pre-Anesthetic Exams/Cancelled Surgery

A pre-anesthetic examination and evaluation of a patient who does not undergo surgery may also be considered for payment. Payment is determined under the physician fee schedule for the medical or surgical service. Non-medically directed CRNAs should report the pre-anesthetic examination and evaluation for a patient whose surgery is cancelled using one of the subsequent hospital care codes (99231–99233). It is inappropriate to use the initial hospital care codes. No separate payment will be made in cases of medically directed CRNAs because it is assumed the anesthesiologist furnished these services

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