Anesthesia CPT CODES catagory

Descriptor  Code Range

Head CPT CODE -00100–00222
Neck CPT CODE 00300–00352
Thorax (chest wall and shoulder girdle) 00400–00474
Intrathoracic 00500–00580
Spine and Spinal Cord 00600–00670
Upper Abdomen 00700–00797
Lower Abdomen 00800–00882
Perineum 00902–00952
Pelvis (except hip) 01112–01190
Upper Leg (except knee) 01200–01274
Knee and Popliteal Area 01320–01444
Lower Leg (below knee, includes ankle and foot) 01462–01522
Shoulder and Axilla 01610–01682
Upper Arm and Elbow 01710–01782
Forearm, Wrist and Hand 01810–01860
Radiological Procedures 01905–01933
Burn Excisions or Debridement 01951–01953
Obstetric 01958–01969
Other Procedures 01990–01999

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