Special Coding Situations for Anesthesia billing

1.Multiple Procedures. When multiple surgical procedures are performed during a single anesthetic administration, report only the anesthesia procedure with the highest unit value. The time reported should be the combined total for all procedures performed.

2. Anesthesia Modifiers. Physical status and common CPT modifiers used in conjunction with anesthesia codes can be found in 114.3 CMR 40.07(1) Appendix A.

3. Postoperative Pain Management. Postoperative pain management are payable as additional procedures and are reported as follows:

Epidural or subarachnoid pain management is reported with procedure codes 62310-62319 for placement of the epidural or subarachnoid catheter that includes the initial day of pain management.

Subsequent management is reported with 01996 and is reported per day.

Patient-controlled anesthesia is reported with 01997 on a per day basis.

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