Obstetrical Anesthesia Documentation

Obstetrical Anesthesia Documentation

Providers billing codes 01958, 01960 – 01963, 01965, 01966, 01968 or 01969 for general anesthesia must document “start-stop” and total times on an attached anesthesia report only if the claim is for more than 40 units of time (10 hours).  Providers billing these codes for regional or both general and regional anesthesia must document “time in attendance” (in addition to “start-stop” times for general anesthesia, if billed for both) on the anesthesia report.

Billing Obstetrical Anesthesia Add-On Codes

Add-on codes must be billed in conjunction with the primary anesthesia code. 

Total Anesthesia Time Unit: Less Than Five Minutes

The preceding policy applies to all anesthesia services, except when the total anesthesia time being billed is less than five minutes.  In these situations, one increment of anesthesia time is reimbursable.

    When billing for anesthesia time that is less than five minutes, enter 1 in the Service Units/Days or Units box of the claim.  Do not include the base unit for the procedure performed.  Refer to the Rates: Maximum Reimbursement section in this manual for information about how anesthesia reimbursement is calculated.

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