Anethesia billing – Introduction

Anesthesia care conventionally includes all services associated with the administration of analgesia/anesthesia, provided by an anesthesiologist and/or certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA)1 to a patient undergoing a surgical or other invasive procedure so that intervention can be undertaken. This may involve local, regional, epidural, general anesthesia ormonitored anesthesia care (MAC), and usually involves administration of anxiolytics or amnesia-inducing medications. Additionally, anesthesia care includes preoperatively evaluating the patient with a sufficient history and physical examination so that the risk of adverse reactions can be minimized, planning alternative approaches to accomplishing anesthesia and answeringall questions regarding the anesthesia procedure asked by thepatient.

The anesthesiologist assumes responsibility for the post anesthesiarecovery period which is included in the anesthesia care package. It encompasses all care until the patient is released to the surgeon or another physician; this point of release generally occurs at the time of release from the post anesthesia recovery area.

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